My Story

My Background
I began my career as an engineer in January of 2008. Although I was not working in a finance or economics related field it was hard to ignore the calamity taking place in financial markets at the time. By March Bear Stearns was on the brink of collapse and had merged with JP Morgan Chase. Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy several months later and the situation was looking dire for AIG. Less than a year into my profession and a global financial crisis was in full force.

The whole scenario was both scary and riveting to me, and sparked a personal interest in financial markets. All of this naturally led me to the following question: How does one actually go about the task of investing money?

I continued to follow the financial and economic news hoping to find a solution to my problem, but grew skeptical over what was being reported. Did the financial media really understand the concepts they were communicating? Maybe it’s just me–am I not understanding something? Over time my general opinion of most financial media outlets turned sour. Consuming their content wasn’t making me smarter as an individual investor. It seemed more like entertainment, a circus of sorts, than actionable content. I’ve come to the conclusion, for myself, that a majority of the “news” produced by these agencies has little if any value for investors seeking to make sound long-term financial decisions.

Adding fuel to the fire I found myself on the receiving end of a number of sales pitches from the financial services industry. I was offered just about everything, from fixed annuities to a fund of credit default swaps. Why a 28 year old needs either of these still baffles me.

My Perspective
Rather than vent about the shortcomings of the financial media and the broader financial services industry I’ve decided to take a more proactive approach. I’ve spent the last several years educating myself on the topics of personal finance and investment planning which I really came to enjoy. I started this site as a way to record my experiences, document what I have learned, and help others learn as well.


Twitter: @DanielSotiroff

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